Entrepreneurial Maps™
Discover Your ONE Natural Path
Least Resistance!



Would you like to go from a "moderate" level of success to a "superstar" level of success, wealth
and Happiness?

There are 8 proven Paths that famous entrepreneurs throughout history have used to achieve massive wealth. There are only eight...no more, no less. Of these 8 Paths, every person has ONE natural path of least resistance.

Entrepreneurs who do succeed, all create wealth by focusing solely on their natural strengths and working on them daily to get even better...therefore, if you’re not doing what you’re naturally GREAT at, making money will ALWAYS feel like hard work because you will consume more energy, resources and time.

"This is why most people spend a lifetime
trying to find Happiness and
never do."

Below is your opportunity to take a 20-minute online test (similar to a personality test) that calculates and creates your ONE 'surefire' path to success, wealth and happiness based on your answers to the multiple choice questions. It's more like a survey than a test, because you can't answer the questions incorrectly, just with what is true for you.

After completing the test, you'll receive your own 29-page Wealth Creation Guide, highlighting the three most important areas of your journey:

  • Profile - your entrepreneurial strengths and weaknesses (pg. 14)

  • Path - the 6 strategies that famous entrepreneurs who share your Profile have used to build their fortunes (pg.15)

  • Partners - the 'right' two Profiles you must first partner with to effectively leverage your value and natural strengths (pg. 21)

Plus you'll also receive 3 bonus gifts (worth over $75.97):

324-Page eBook - (value $19)

After reading this book you'll:

  • Know more than most MBA graduates about how to create wealth, success and happiness
  • Understand exactly how to build lasting wealth and leave a legacy for your family
  • Learn from the true stories of 38 entrepreneurial masters organized according to their Profile, including Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, Thomas Edison, Donald Trump, and Sam Walton.
“Read this book to maximize your earnings and contributions. You will love it! It will inspire you to end your poverty and the world’s.”
Mark Victor Hansen - Author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul”

Recommended Reading List
(value $9.97)

This is a thorough list of more than 30 recommended books, categorized by Profile.

If you're a STAR profile (like Angelina Jolie), read the books about STARS. If you're an ACCUMULATOR profile (like Warren Buffet), read the books written about ACCUMULATORS.

Each profile has its own list of recommended books to read.

When you study wealth creation advice from wealthy people of the same Profile as you, you can learn from and model exactly what they did, knowing that the advice you are reading WILL work for you too...

MP3 Audio File - (value $47)

In this audio, you'll learn....

  • The THREE fundamental steps to becoming a millionaire.
  • The wealth equation (W = V x L) and how it can change your financial future.
  • How to ask the right questions that lead you to wealth?
  • Learn the true definition of wealth... and why it's far more powerful than learning about making money.


This is the ONLY personality test that tells you exactly which strategies you should follow to build wealth as an entrepreneur based on your natural strengths. Click the "Add To Cart" button below to discover your ONE natural path of least resistance! 

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